LaPoint Family Cookbook
Submission Deadline April 31, 2005

Hi all,

For the LaPoint Family Reunion in August 2005, I would like to put together a LaPoint Family Cookbook. The idea would be to distribute it at the reunion.

Send me your favorite recipes! It doesn't matter what it is - entrees, appetizers, desserts - but they should be tried and proven. Send as many as you like.

Give your recipe a title. Your submissions will be attributed to you.

If you like, send me a cute story of when you used this recipe or how you got it. I may use those in the cookbook - I haven't decided about the layout/design yet.

I will need the submissions by December 31, 2004.

I will bring plenty of books to the reunion. Depending on what the cost of publishing will be, I may ask for a small contribution, but I am trying to make it available for free.

Get published! It's your claim to fame! Take a great memory of the 2005 LaPoint Reunion home with you!

Either send me an email, or use this online form to submit your recipe. Using the form will log your entry to this page. (This page shows names and recipe titles only.)